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The girl behind Go See Schitt

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

What is it, who is it, what does she do....are all great questions. I think we all want to know what the plan is. Follow along and find out.

Welcome to my travel blog with a twist. This blog will have a hippy dippy vibe to it, if that's not your thing, I get it. We are all on a mission to find our tribe. If your into deep conversations, moon vibes, spirituality, discovering new and odd things when traveling and how its all connected, then your in the right spot.

Welcome Go See Schitt Travelers

From the view point of a middle aged woman who has lived many different lives and I'm only 42.

My name is Amber and I have lived in a small town in Indiana my entire life (minus a short time in Fort Campbell, TN with my husband). If I knew then what I know now would I still be in the mid west...that is a easy answer NO!

Places I prefer to travel to

My 3 favorite places I love to travel and explore. Coming in at number one is anywhere there are mountains. Lakes and waterfalls come in at a close second and third their is something that fiercely intrigues me about the desert. These are the places I have found self discovery.

Finding your "why"

Why not! If it puts a smile on your face then that's the "WHY"

This is my creative outlet. We all have a creative side to us and it can come in many different forms. Personally I don't paint, I don't draw and I don't sing, even though I have karaoked in a dive bar somewhere in West Virgina many moons ago. Apparently I thought I was Dolly Parton...I was told ... it wasn't pretty!!! So this my friends is how I have chosen to get it all out. Maybe you'll relate to feeling stagnant or like your suffocating in your environment. I can share with you what you can find within yourself if you just GO SEE SCHITT!!!

Get inspired

Every time I travel and have life experiences that I can not get in my small town. I grow into the person I am suppose to be with each adventure. I'm just a normal gal trying to figure it all out just like you. Follow along as I poor my deep thoughts into this blog but do note, it will not be a technical blog, it will not be a "how to get cheap flights" or "best packing tips"... you can google that schitt. I hope to inspire people to survive and thrive.


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

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